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Joined 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I am the RealHousewife of St. Louis.  I have been   married for 13 years and they have been the best years of my life.  I have 3 beautiful daughters.  They are 10, 12 & 23 so my house is always full of fun. 

I am a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (R.PSG.T).  I worked in sleep medicine for several years. I still research and love the science of sleep.

I love traveling and am a thrill seeker.  I love art. I am very good with colors, markers and coloring books.  I almost always stay in the lines:-)

I love to read and write about a broad range of topics.  I love HubPages and have learned so much from excellent writers such as, Austinstar, barbergirl28,  Just Ask Susan, and Motown2Chitown.

I own a small business that provides research reports in the real estate industry and have a license to sell real estate in Missouri.  First and foremost - I am a REAL housewife.  I don't have maids, cooks, or assistants. 

You can learn more about me by reading an interview by my friend and fellow writer, Ruchira who is about the kindest individual I have ever encountered!

My handwriting analysis was completed by brilliant hubber and writer Tammy Swallow....see what secrets my handwriting reveal about me!

Coffee with a RealHousewife

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Keep It Real!


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  • 34

    Eggies "As Seen On T.V." Product Review

    2 years ago

    Will this kit help you make deviled eggs that are a home run hit or is it just another fowl fly by?

  • 41

    Artificial Islands of the World

    2 years ago

    As the people of the world face envirnomental concerns such as over population and the disappearing masses of land that are engulfed by water is this a viable housing solution?

  • 27

    The Voynich Manuscript - Decoded?

    2 years ago

    Who wrote the Voynich Manuscript? Intellects have been trying to solve the many mysteries of the manuscript for over a century - has it been cracked?


    The Controversies of Patty Hearst

    20 months ago

    The Patty Hearst ordeal has been a controversial topic in the media for almost 4 decades. The questions still linger on...was Patty a participant? A victim or was she the unknowing patsy for a C.I.A. conspiracy to...

  • 48

    Am I Really in Love? Take the Quiz!

    20 months ago

    Do you feel conflicted about what is going on in your head? Is love causing you complications? Find out if it's really love!

  • 31

    Am I Manipulative? Are You? Take the Quiz

    2 years ago

    How manipulative are you? Are you easily manipulated? Think you can't be? Don't be so naive!

  • 96

    Perfect Gifts for People You Hate!

    20 months ago

    Let's face it, sometimes we are obligated to buy holiday gifts for people we really don't like. It might be a boss, an in-law, your sister or your boyfriend's sister! It just wouldn't be right to come to the party empty...

  • 52

    How to Make Croquembouche - Step by Step Recipe

    2 years ago

    Croquembouche is a magnificent tower of pasty puffs filled with custard and sealed in caramel. A traditional French Wedding Cake finds it's way to the American housewife's table! Irresistible, delicious, sinful and too...

  • 54

    Dessert Shooters - No Bake Recipes!

    2 years ago

    Dessert Shooters are the newest fashion party food craze. These sweet treats are popping up everywhere. While they might look difficult to make - they are so easy you don't even have to bake a thing! As with...

  • 82

    Cooking Recipes You Can Make In Jail!

    2 years ago

    Learn to Cook Housewives, no matter where you find yourself in the future you should be able to create a delicious soup du jour! Find out how you can cook in the most limited spaces, using scant ingredients or...

  • 59

    Petits Fours Made Easy

    2 years ago

    Petits Fours are the hottest dessert bites on the table. Learn how simple they are to make right at home in your own kitchen!

  • 66

    Perfect Mini Pie Crust & Perfect Mini Pie Recipes!

    2 years ago

    Learn to cook perfect mini pies! Pies aren't just for dessert anymore. You can make upscale desserts or quiches that are delightful 24/7 - in 30 minutes or less!


    The History of Duck Tape

    20 months ago

    Find out why millions of American's love Duck Tape!

  • 63

    Browned Butter Sauce & It's Many Uses

    2 years ago

    Lesson 6 - Learn to Cook This week the topic is butter. Butter sauces, how to cook with butter, the smoke point and factors to consider when cooking with butter. Learn how to make butter sauces and browned butter and...

  • 75

    Am I A Psycho? Are You? Take the Quiz

    3 years ago

    Not all psychopaths are killers. Not all killers are psycopaths. What makes a person a true psychopath? Could you be a psychopath?


    Make Your Own Linen Spray

    2 years ago

    It's so easy to make your own perfumed spray for linen and fabric! Learn how to make your favorite scented spray for a thoughtful gift keep it for yourself!

  • 50

    Perfect 'tween Girl's Birthday Party!

    3 years ago

    Have a perfect birthday party for your 'tween aged girl! Leave the mess and take your party on the road for an unforgettable celebration!

  • 64

    How to Make Perfect Toast!

    20 months ago

    Make the perfect piece of toast or learn about some exciting ways to top your toast! Instructions for the new cook or the non-cook. Everyone can learn to cook even the Real Housewives - so lets start with simple...

  • 33

    Create a Great Summer Space with an Outdoor Gazebo!

    3 years ago

    Adding an outdoor gazebo is easy, cheap and adds a whole new beautiful addition to your home.

  • 79

    A Visit With the Old Order Amish, Bowling Green, Missouri

    3 years ago

    Exclusive, rare photographs of the Old Order Amish Town in Bowling Green, Missouri. Life and problems of the Amish community.

  • 73

    Don't Engage - End Road Rage!

    2 years ago

    Road Rage affects everyone who drives - and even those who don't. Approximately 1200 deaths per year occur due to road rage. Are you a prudent driver? Take the quiz and find out!

  • 75

    Am I Obsessive? Take the Quiz!

    3 years ago

    Obsessions and the benefits versus the unpleasant consequences. Brilliance can be achieved by focusing on obsession, people have been targeted for murder due to obsessions - how much is healthy?

  • 90

    Circadian Rhythm Disorders

    2 years ago

    You do have rhythm - I don't care what your mother says! Circadian Rhythm is your body's natural time clock. We all have it. Does your body know what time it is? Or is your clock confused? Find out how to tell - and...

  • 101

    Slang Around the World - What's Up With That?

    2 years ago

    Slang - the language of code words around the world. What's the shizzle, ferizzo?

  • 117

    Breaking the Dress Code

    3 years ago

    Dress codes are largely unwritten but maybe they should be! While institutions can privately enforce a writen dress code there is no federal law but plese spare the public eye - don't break the dcress code!

  • 95

    Cancun, Mexico ~ Meeting La Gringa Loca of the Jungle!

    3 years ago

    I went to Mexico where I met Gringa Loca of the Jungle! Travel Mexico and you will understand why Melissa Dee just couldn't leave.


    Rotini Pasta Salad Recipe

    3 years ago

    I am sharing my favorite secret recipe with photos and a few hot tips to help you get ready for any big event fast and look like a Top Chef!


    Am I A Pathological Liar?

    3 years ago

    Are you a dirty little liar? What drives people to tell lies and when it is a problem. Learn the signs of a prolific liar.

  • 246

    Am I A Sociopath? Are You? Take The Quiz!

    3 years ago

    Sociopaths are quite common and we deal with them everyday. They are not easy to spot because they look just like me or you. What is a sociopath?

  • 50

    Diary of a MAD 7 Year Old - Effective Anger Management Strategies for Children

    3 years ago

    Teach your child how to deal with anger appropriately. This is the diary of a 7 year old. Young children can express anger and channel it in a positive direction by using a diary - here's proof!

  • 43

    Charm School: 101 - Lesser Known Social Etiquette Tips

    3 years ago

    Certain social settings require grace and good manners. Can you handle any situation with class?

  • 80

    Chicken Flamingo - My Favorite Copycat Recipe!

    3 years ago

    My husband's favorite dish is Chicken Flamingo from Pasta House. He said, "if you learn to make that - I will marry you!" I did learn to make it - and I have adapted it and perfected it. Don't forget -...

  • 66

    Read the Signs - Decode The Hidden Meanings

    3 years ago

    In the United States street signs include hidden meanings. Can you read the signs? Get the 411!

  • 189

    Peggy Lynn Alt - Where Are You?

    3 years ago

    Peggy Lynn Alt disappeared on March 2, 1985 from High Ridge, Missouri - why hasn't anyone looked for her?

  • 77

    Sneaky Subliminal Messages

    3 years ago

    Are subliminal messages in control of your awareness?

  • 60

    Extreme Green Living - Floating Homes!

    3 years ago

    Floating Homes can be self sufficient or cost millions of dollars. Floating homes can range in size from very small to an entire city. Due to overpopulation and water covering more and more land, is this the home of the...

  • 48

    How To Be A Sleep Technologist

    3 years ago

    Sleep is a great field to break into...have you ever thought about being a sleep technician/technogist?

  • 156

    Exciting Ways to Supplement Your Income!

    2 years ago

    You can make extra money and have a great time too!

  • 66

    How to Pass Your Sleep Study Test

    3 years ago

    Here is the scoop about sleep studies. What to expect for the sleep study and how you can participate in research studies and get paid!

  • 98

    "What He Said" - and When it's Plagiarism

    3 years ago

    Plagiarism is the theft of your ideas or words. When you want to say "what he said" and how to do it legally.

  • 47

    Extreme Green Living - Earthships!

    3 years ago

    Recycled bottles, tires, straw or steel boxes can be home sweet home!

  • 100

    There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do for a Good Old Fashioned Ding Dong!

    20 months ago

    I remember a time when everything was better - simpler. Food was made with real ingredients and not fillers and fat. Coke was the real thing...and Ding Dong's were wrapped in foil!

  • 245

    Am I A Narcissist? Take The Quiz!

    3 years ago

    What makes a person a narcissist? Are you a narcissist? Take the quiz and find out!

  • 142

    Capture Him and Cage Him!

    3 years ago

    Advice for females looking for males! How to Capture the man of your dreams and keep him!

  • 59

    How To Beat A Polygraph Exam

    3 years ago

    Advice on how to really beat that polygraph if you aren't a good liar!

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